Amandieu’s Favourite Sunset Valley Makeovers

(in no particular order)

I love Sunset Valley. I know a lot of people find it boring, but I think it’s beautiful. However, with all the expansion packs that have been released, original Sunset Valley feels unplayable because it’s missing so many features. Here’s a list of some fantastic updates/reduxes that add tons of new gameplay to our first TS3 town.Thank you to all the amazing creators for putting so much work into these makeovers!

When you think about it, Sunset Valley is every simmer’s hometown. 



Hello my lovely simmers~!
I decided to create a sim base that everyone can use.
I hope you guys like her. She is based on my sim Emiko and I decided to upload this base because I want you all to be able to change her and make her exactly the way you want her. The base is merely to help you achieve the look you guys want. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s a very good base as this is my first time. (PS: I’m also not good at making sims yet, xD)
She may look slightly odd/different in CAS but she looks fine when you’re playing in game with her.
(Click Here if you’d like to see unedited pictures of her)
TOU: well, I really don’t think there is any because… she is a base, which means, YOU will edit her as you please! ^-^ She belongs to you all now and you will be able to use her for whatever you’d like ^^
Oh but if you would like me to see what you have done with her, then just tag “D3C3PTIONx” and I will reblog your post ^-^

CC used:
Hair: Click Me <3 
Monolids: Click Me <3 (It’s the second post ;] )
Eyelashes: Click Me <3 (Eyelash Design Set III B)
Lipstick: Click Me <3
Blusher: Blusher n7 by Tifa & Nosemask v2. by Tifa
(Sorry I can’t seem to access Tifa downloads at the moment, her website is here: Click Me!
Eyes: Click Me <3
Skin: Click Me <3 

And thats it I think ^-^” 
Sorry everyone, this is my first time ever uploading something. 
Hopefully you guys won’t have any problems with this base sim. If you do please let me know ASAP ^-^ I would very much appreciate it.
BIG ThankQ to anyone who downloads her.
Oh and one more thing! I use sliders on her! =O
I use a lot of sliders but you can find a masterlist of sliders here: Click Me!





1500 Followers Gift - Brynmar

Like Brightwater, I had not planned to share Brynmar, at the beginning. But I wanted something to thahks you all for following me, and I know that it could please you to play in Brynmar ! ;)

I can’t give you my version of the world, because I only use decrapified Store content. I knows it’s not a problem for most of you, but I also know that many people download without looking at the warnings (like with Brightwater). I simply don’t want my ask box to be flooded again ;p

It might be a little different from the pictures that I have shared in previous months, but I hope you will like it.

You can use the tag Brynmar, to share pictures with me ;D

  • Expansion pack used : All of them ! But the Stuff Pack are not needed.
  • No Store content or cp needed.
  • No custom weather included. I recommend using those of brntwaffles 
  • The world contains a lot of spawners, and you should have no routing issue.
  • It’s an empty world, with terrains of any size.

Download - Mediafire



*click for HQ view*

-Alice Look Book-

Black- Hair || Piercings || Eye wear || Rosary || Nails || Rings || Tattoos || Top || Bottom || Shoes

White- Hair || Piercings ||Eye wear || Necklace || Nails || Tattoos || Top || Bottom || Anklet || Shoes

CC credits: the77sim3, kewai-dou, kijiko-sims mod the sims, thesimsresource, mochi029, jinglestartk, pixicat


also thank you to all my followers, for staying with me until now, I haven’t been that long in this community but you’ve all treated me very well, especially those who I always talk to. thank you thank you SO MUCH!(●⌒∇⌒●)

Ren out~