Custom hair mesh / 45 colors

I wanted to make something special for my 1500+ followers gift (<3). So.. here we go. This is what I have been working on since -forever- it feels like. Finally it’s ready to be shared with my tumblr friends :D

It’s a custom hair mesh. Will show up as a new stand alone item in your game. I’ve added my “standard” 45 colors (jennisims textures) as my other hair projects, so your sim can switch between the hair styles and keep their hair color. I’ve added the meshes for hats as well. Most of the hats works very well, but there is still some clipping in some of the styles.

Keep in mind that hair meshing is still somewhat experimental at this stage. I’ve had the mesh in my game for a few days and I didn’t experience any problems. If you get issues with this item - please let me know!

Screenshots CC-list

Skin and eyes by chisimi

Eyebrows by jsboutique

Eyeshadow and blush by darkosims3

Lipstick by cienzroza

When you download you can either choose a fatpack (all 45 colors included) OR a zip file. The zip file includes 3 different files where you can choose if you want to add the extra natrual/unnatrual colors.




2nd Update

Yes…another update. I completely overlooked the fact that the file I uploaded earlier was unnecessarily bloated and uncompressed. So, my most sincere apologies - first, for reblogging myself twice in two days, and the same post no less, and second, for the inconvenience of downloading this item once again. But I promise, that’s it! Download the compressed file here, it has also been updated in the original post.

Tomorrow or Friday I should have some new things uploaded, so hopefully that makes up for this nonsense a little bit.


Diesel jumpsuit and Pets slippers made base game compatible

I edited the jumpsuit to have three channels - the top, bottom, and zipper - and it has been fixed so that it is no longer dependent on the original version.

The animal slippers include dog and kitty slippers for YA/A females and males, and kitty slippers for kids.

download jumpsuit (updated)
download animal slippers