Spontaneous Road Trip Lookbook lol …

Avo: Where did you want us to go?

Lily: Dunno. We’ll get off whenever I wake up!

Avo: You really aren’t afraid of anything are you?

Lily: Should I be? I’ve got you right here don’t I?

Avo: Who knows?I might ditch you somewhere.

Lily: HA! You would never do that. Stop trying to be all tough, ok?

Avo: Don’t act like you know m—

Lily: Oh hush it. I like you the way you are. So drown in that happy thought while I sleep. And yeah, don’t worry, you can thank me later ;)

Lily: Glasses | Dress | Knit | Socks | Shoes

Avo: Beanie | Glasses | Top | Jacket | Pants | Anklet | Earrings | Shoes






New nostril length slider for YMs

Model: Reed

**All sliders were set to 2 on the CAS settings atm previews were taken

My first geom slider! Hope you guys like <3

- Download (Mirror)

Just released a new ts3 slider on my side blog! Sorry for the multiple reblogs guys, I’ll update with a ts2 download soon! :3

yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss    i need this!!!